Unit 69 Sound for Computer Games

Criteria 2: Understood methods and principles of sound design and production.


Purchasing an audio production workstation!

Computer Tower:

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 5 Picture 6


This tower costs £1,856.00

I have chosen this tower because it will run fast and should run all programs you will need it should run everything properly and to the highest quality. This is a custom made PC and has all top quality parts, and all the parts have received excellent reviews.




Picture 1


Cost: £129.97 x 3 = £389.91

I have chosen this monitor because it displays in the highest quality possible and is off the average size. I have chosen to have 3 of these monitors because i think it will be beneficial for the user as they will be able to see more than one thing at a time. This monitor has received brilliant reviews and has had some with show they are used for more than gaming.




Picture 1


Cost: £281.22

I have chosen these speakers because they provide great surround sound and can play really loud. They produce a high sound quality so you will here what you are making perfectly. These speakers have received good reviews and have shown that they are good for there price and are worth it.



Cloud Storage:

Picture 1

I have chosen this cloud storage as its online and its free. So it can provide extra storage for things you will need and can provide an extra backup. This cloud storage has received decent reviews stating that it works completely fine but should be able to hold more.



Digital Audio Interface:

Picture 1 Picture 2

Cost £169.00

I have chosen this Digital audio interface because it provides everything you need and more. It does its job correctly and properly and professionally. It has received some good reviews stating that it is worth its cost.



Hard Drive:

Picture 1

Cost: £129.99

I have chosen this hard drive because it provides a lot of extra storage and is from a trusted provider so you know it wont fail you. This has standard reviews stating that it does what its meant to do and provides more than enough memory for your work.




Picture 1 Picture 2

Cost: £579.00

I have chosen this because it is a fully keyboard so you can use it fully functional and has extra sockets and slots so you can mix them properly and change what you are doing to what you want. This has some amazing reviews as they say it is the best MIDI they have ever used and it will always be the best because of it capability to do things some things which others cant.



Mixing Desk:

Picture 1

Cost £340.00

I have chosen this because it provides you with everything you need to create a piece of music successfully and can help understand how to create such types of music and you can make them to your liking. This has received excellent reviews as it has been rated top of the line and one of the worlds best and that they would all recommend it to others.





Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4


I have chosen this because it provides everything you need to do to sequence a piece of music. It works on almost all OS which is great. Gives out great effects so you can use it to your advantage. This has received some great reviews and they say that its worth the amount and will do its job perfectly.




Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3

I have chosen these instrument plug ins because they give a wide range of sounds and allows you to create sounds which these instruments can or can’t and they are free. Also they have received some brilliant reviews which states how good and useful they are.





Audio Editing:

Picture 1 Picture 2 Picture 3 Picture 4 Picture 6

I have chosen this because it is a professional program and is used by professionals, it provides all you need to have a perfectly edited piece of music. This program has amazing reviews as they say it is easy to understand and ease of use.



Level 3 Interactive Media 3D Games Design – Unit 69: Sound for Computer Games – Criteria 4

Creating a Sound Effect Library

The sounds i used were all recorded off my mobile device which is a HTC One M8. They were recorded using the voice recorder on the device. After all the sounds were recorded i then had to use a auxorially cable to transfer then sound from my mobile device to the Mac. To do that i had to set the Mac’s sound to a input version. I then had to go in Logic and set that to the suitable preferences that it required for me to import my sounds into Logic so then i could manipulate them. After i had imported all the sounds i then made one file containing all the sounds which weren’t changed so that the user/teacher can know what the sounds sounded like before i then changed them. In a second file i got all the sounds again put them in the same order and then started to experiment with the different effects to see how it changed them and to see if i like the way that they sounded and if the sound was changed enough, sometimes i would apply more than one effect to a sound to almost completely change the sound. After i liked the sound enough i would stick with it and them move onto the next sound.

To get the different sounds out of Logic i exported every sound individually and put them in a folder and gave them all a suitable name so that they can be found easily. They were all saved as WAV. so that they can be played using any media player and they have ease of access. The advantage of this is that it can be played on various different media players and can be transported easily. I’m not sure if there are any disadvantages to WAV. because i have not found any as of yet, as it has been working correctly and fine.

To apply the sound into Unity you click and drag the sound into the Unity task bar and then when you add it into the game world it will have a sound area around it. You then just attach the sound to the part you want it to play at and add some code in to the character so then it will play and stop when it needs to. The sound will play directly to the user and will play clearly.


(Flash Gordon) Examples of 3D/2D

I am going to provide examples of professional 2D and 3D graphics of Flash Gordon.


This is an example of a 2D image. It is a ship and it is a drawing. The drawing isn’t photo realistic and isn’t realistic at all. It looks like a a well drawn picture and looks very detailed. The person who made this image is unknown as there are no links to who made it.


This is a 3D model. It is Flash Gordon’s ship. The model is not realistic as it looks extremely fictional and doesn’t look real at all. It is a model made by Brian Westin and it looks professional as it is a model of the original ship of Flash Gordon.



This is a 2D image of Flash Gordon and Dr. Zarkov in the background. It looks professional and is from the original comic books. It doesn’t look realistic as it does looks like a cartoon. It was made by Giant Screen and it looks professional and is done to a detailed standard and is drawn very well.

Flash Gordon (TV Series)

Flash Gordon featured in two TV series named Flash Gordon, one in 1954-1955 and in 2007-2008.

1954-1955 Flash Gordon:

FG1954 FG19542

Flash Gordon is a science fiction television series. It aired from October 15, 1954 to July 15, 1955. It is based on the characters in the Flash Gordon comic strip created by Alex Raymond. The series set is set in 3203. Flash (Steve Holland),Dale Arden (Irene Champlin) and Dr. Zarkov (Joseph Nash) are agents of the Galactic Bureau of Investigation. They travel the galaxy in their ship the Sky Flash to battle cosmic villains under the order of Commander Paul Richards (Henry Beckman).

The series was filmed in West Berlin and Marseilles as a West German, French and American co-production by Intercontinental Television Films and Telediffusion. The series aired in syndication throughout most of the U.S. It aired on the east coast on the DuMont Television Network

The series was popular with American audiences. Critical response was positive. Modern critics brush the series off. Some critics respond positively to the series’s presentation of Cold War and Capitalist themes.

2007-2008 Flash Gordon:

FG2007 FG20072

Flash Gordon is an American science fiction television series that debuted on Syfy in the USA on August 10, 2007 and continued airing new episodes through February 8, 2008. It has also appeared on the UK Syfy and SPACE in Canada. The series was developed by Peter Hume, who served as executive producer/show runner and wrote the first and last episodes, among others.The show was not received well and did not make more than one series.

(Zhou Dynasty Game) User Interface

On my interface i want my user interface to feature a time limit, so you will know how much time you have got to find the scrolls. The interface will also feature the amount of scrolls you have found.

Some user interfaces that i like are:

User1 User2

Left: Call of Duty Ghosts. Right: Battlefield 3

I like these user interfaces because they show what the user has to do, how much of what they have to do has been done, a time limit so the user can know how long they got left and a information section for example in these pictures it shows how many bullets the user has got left.

(Zhou Dynasty Game) Clues

In my game there will be clues to find the missing scrolls and you are going to be told a clue by a messenger, at the start of the game there will be a messenger and they will tell you where there first scroll is and when you get to that scroll there will be a messenger there waiting to tell you where the next scroll is and so on. The game will end once you have found all the scrolls. The scrolls will be hidden around the map strategically an could prove to be a challenge to find them.


This will be one of the 6 scrolls which you need to find to win the game.


This will be on the messengers that will tell you the clue to the next scroll.

Once you have collected all the scrolls the game will end and will take you to a end game screen and will ask you to either quit game or restart. It will also congratulate you for completing the game.

These are some end game screens i like:


I like this end game screen because it is easy to navigate around and allows you to play again and or go back to the menu.


I like this end game screen because it congratulates you so you think you did something good and this will allow the user to think that they completed the game properly.

(Zhou Dynasty Game) Overall Game Environment

In my overall game environment my game will be based in a village and a forest. The forest will feature just trees and bushes and this would look good and would look apart of the actual map when it was actually happening. The village in my game will look authentic to what it would actually look like and have some of the objects which it had to the actual event. So it would have a well some where in the middle. By the village it will also feature a small crop field which they had for just the village to live off.

Asset list: Asian trees, Asian bushes, traditional Chinese houses, well, grass land, gravel roads and pathways, small crop field.

OGEbush OGEcrop OGEgrassland OGEhouse OGEroad OGEtree OGEwell


I will now show a image of what a map would look like of the destination that is in my game.

Map1 Map2

My game map will be set out easily and would be easy to put in order.

There will be a forest with a gravel road going across the one side and on the other side of the road will be the village and then a crop field leading into some hills.