(Zhou Dynasty Game) Overall Game Environment

In my overall game environment my game will be based in a village and a forest. The forest will feature just trees and bushes and this would look good and would look apart of the actual map when it was actually happening. The village in my game will look authentic to what it would actually look like and have some of the objects which it had to the actual event. So it would have a well some where in the middle. By the village it will also feature a small crop field which they had for just the village to live off.

Asset list: Asian trees, Asian bushes, traditional Chinese houses, well, grass land, gravel roads and pathways, small crop field.

OGEbush OGEcrop OGEgrassland OGEhouse OGEroad OGEtree OGEwell


I will now show a image of what a map would look like of the destination that is in my game.

Map1 Map2

My game map will be set out easily and would be easy to put in order.

There will be a forest with a gravel road going across the one side and on the other side of the road will be the village and then a crop field leading into some hills.


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