Flash Gordon (TV Series)

Flash Gordon featured in two TV series named Flash Gordon, one in 1954-1955 and in 2007-2008.

1954-1955 Flash Gordon:

FG1954 FG19542

Flash Gordon is a science fiction television series. It aired from October 15, 1954 to July 15, 1955. It is based on the characters in the Flash Gordon comic strip created by Alex Raymond. The series set is set in 3203. Flash (Steve Holland),Dale Arden (Irene Champlin) and Dr. Zarkov (Joseph Nash) are agents of the Galactic Bureau of Investigation. They travel the galaxy in their ship the Sky Flash to battle cosmic villains under the order of Commander Paul Richards (Henry Beckman).

The series was filmed in West Berlin and Marseilles as a West German, French and American co-production by Intercontinental Television Films and Telediffusion. The series aired in syndication throughout most of the U.S. It aired on the east coast on the DuMont Television Network

The series was popular with American audiences. Critical response was positive. Modern critics brush the series off. Some critics respond positively to the series’s presentation of Cold War and Capitalist themes.

2007-2008 Flash Gordon:

FG2007 FG20072

Flash Gordon is an American science fiction television series that debuted on Syfy in the USA on August 10, 2007 and continued airing new episodes through February 8, 2008. It has also appeared on the UK Syfy and SPACE in Canada. The series was developed by Peter Hume, who served as executive producer/show runner and wrote the first and last episodes, among others.The show was not received well and did not make more than one series.


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