(Flash Gordon) Examples of 3D/2D

I am going to provide examples of professional 2D and 3D graphics of Flash Gordon.


This is an example of a 2D image. It is a ship and it is a drawing. The drawing isn’t photo realistic and isn’t realistic at all. It looks like a a well drawn picture and looks very detailed. The person who made this image is unknown as there are no links to who made it.


This is a 3D model. It is Flash Gordon’s ship. The model is not realistic as it looks extremely fictional and doesn’t look real at all. It is a model made by Brian Westin and it looks professional as it is a model of the original ship of Flash Gordon.



This is a 2D image of Flash Gordon and Dr. Zarkov in the background. It looks professional and is from the original comic books. It doesn’t look realistic as it does looks like a cartoon. It was made by Giant Screen and it looks professional and is done to a detailed standard and is drawn very well.


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