(Zhou Dynasty Game) Start Screen

My start screen will be easy to read and easy to move around on. I want it to look professional so that it will intrigue the audience to want to play it even more.


This picture is of Cut The Rope start screen.

I want my start screen to look like this because it is easy to maneuver around and it looks good so the audience are more likely to believe that it is a good game just because of the way the menu looks.


This picture is from Call of Duty: Black Ops start screen.

I want my menu to look like this because it provides the user with a vast amount of options to do. It also has a background image that suits the theme of the game and this helps towards making the game more attractive to the user.

My start screen will have a option to see the background story, which will provide the user with information about the game itself and the characters within the game. My start screen will also feature an option to see the game controls so you will know what your doing when you start. My menu will also have buttons that will say start game, which will start the game up. It will also have a button which says quit game, which will take you away from the game and close it.


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