Zhou Dynasty Story

It is the start of the Battle of Muye 1046 BC and the Shang Dynasty is falling apart and the Zhou Dynasty is rising above them. King Wu ruler of Zhou is trying to take out the Shang Dynasty for the greater of good. Leader of the Shang Dynasty King Zhòu of Shang has been forced into suicide as he is losing this battle and the rest of his army believed he was murdered and therefore went into an uproar and are now fighting even harder, while doing this they have stolen and hidden the 6 strategy scrolls and have turned the battle upside down. You, Lui Bei have been told by King Wu to find the 6 missing strategy scrolls, which are scattered across Muye, southwest of Yin, Central Henan. Once you have found all 6 scrolls you must then return to King Wu ruler of Zhou and then the King will use the scrolls to take advantage of the Shang Dynasty and make them fall.


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