Level 3 Interactive Media 3D Games Design – Unit 69: Sound for Computer Games – Criteria 4

Creating a Sound Effect Library

The sounds i used were all recorded off my mobile device which is a HTC One M8. They were recorded using the voice recorder on the device. After all the sounds were recorded i then had to use a auxorially cable to transfer then sound from my mobile device to the Mac. To do that i had to set the Mac’s sound to a input version. I then had to go in Logic and set that to the suitable preferences that it required for me to import my sounds into Logic so then i could manipulate them. After i had imported all the sounds i then made one file containing all the sounds which weren’t changed so that the user/teacher can know what the sounds sounded like before i then changed them. In a second file i got all the sounds again put them in the same order and then started to experiment with the different effects to see how it changed them and to see if i like the way that they sounded and if the sound was changed enough, sometimes i would apply more than one effect to a sound to almost completely change the sound. After i liked the sound enough i would stick with it and them move onto the next sound.

To get the different sounds out of Logic i exported every sound individually and put them in a folder and gave them all a suitable name so that they can be found easily. They were all saved as WAV. so that they can be played using any media player and they have ease of access. The advantage of this is that it can be played on various different media players and can be transported easily. I’m not sure if there are any disadvantages to WAV. because i have not found any as of yet, as it has been working correctly and fine.

To apply the sound into Unity you click and drag the sound into the Unity task bar and then when you add it into the game world it will have a sound area around it. You then just attach the sound to the part you want it to play at and add some code in to the character so then it will play and stop when it needs to. The sound will play directly to the user and will play clearly.



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