(Zhou Dynasty Game) Start Screen

My start screen will be easy to read and easy to move around on. I want it to look professional so that it will intrigue the audience to want to play it even more.


This picture is of Cut The Rope start screen.

I want my start screen to look like this because it is easy to maneuver around and it looks good so the audience are more likely to believe that it is a good game just because of the way the menu looks.


This picture is from Call of Duty: Black Ops start screen.

I want my menu to look like this because it provides the user with a vast amount of options to do. It also has a background image that suits the theme of the game and this helps towards making the game more attractive to the user.

My start screen will have a option to see the background story, which will provide the user with information about the game itself and the characters within the game. My start screen will also feature an option to see the game controls so you will know what your doing when you start. My menu will also have buttons that will say start game, which will start the game up. It will also have a button which says quit game, which will take you away from the game and close it.


Zhou Dynasty Story

It is the start of the Battle of Muye 1046 BC and the Shang Dynasty is falling apart and the Zhou Dynasty is rising above them. King Wu ruler of Zhou is trying to take out the Shang Dynasty for the greater of good. Leader of the Shang Dynasty King Zhòu of Shang has been forced into suicide as he is losing this battle and the rest of his army believed he was murdered and therefore went into an uproar and are now fighting even harder, while doing this they have stolen and hidden the 6 strategy scrolls and have turned the battle upside down. You, Lui Bei have been told by King Wu to find the 6 missing strategy scrolls, which are scattered across Muye, southwest of Yin, Central Henan. Once you have found all 6 scrolls you must then return to King Wu ruler of Zhou and then the King will use the scrolls to take advantage of the Shang Dynasty and make them fall.

Culture Research

A Post Civilisation / Pre Firearm Culture I have Chosen?

I have chosen to do the Zhou Dynasty.

Why Have I Chosen This Culture?

I have chosen this culture because i feel that it would be a good culture to research in and make a game around it.

What Is It About This Culture That You Feel Will Work Well In The Style Of Game Your Making?

I feel it would work in my game because i want it to be based around a war and strategy and the Zhou Dynasty were a very strategic culture and featured in a historic war. (Battle of Muye)

Significant Events To This Culture:

Battle of Muye – 1046 BC

Relocation to Chengzhou 771 BC

Fall to Qin – 256 BC

Colour Blindness

What Is Colour Blindness?

Colour blindness occurs when you are unable to see colours in a normal way. Most commonly, colour blindness (also known as colour deficiency) happens when someone cannot distinguish between certain colours, usually between greens and reds, and occasionally blues.

What Types of Colour Blindness Are There?

Normal vision:



Red & Green









How Does Colour Blindness Affect Gamers?

For video gamers, it can mean some parts of games become vastly more difficult – such as when opposing teams are distinguished by the colours red and green, or if other crucial on-screen indicators feature similar shades.

Despite the large numbers of gamers affected, awareness among the development community is comparatively low. Only a handful of publishers make concerted efforts to cater to people with this genetic condition.

How Have Games Got Around This Situation?

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3: This is the first Call of Duty that has implemented a colour blind assist and it features changing the mini-map icons, text and in game icons from red and green to another suitable colour. Though it only helps people with red and green colour blindness it can cause problems for others with another type of colour blindness.

Battlefield 3 & 4: In these two Battlefields they feature a colour blind assist for all types of colour blindness, and change the mini-map icons, in game icons and parts of the map to what the colour blind setting is on so that the user can carry on with ease, and therefore Battlefield is colour blindness friendly.

Borderlands 2: In Borderlands they implement all types of colour blind assist as they colour code most of the things in the game so to make it user friendly they added the colour blind assists so that the user can tell the difference between the items they are recieving, they put this is as from the original borderlands which didn’t implement this and gained a lot of complaints.

Dragon Age: When Dragon Age was first released it didn’t have a colour blind assist and this effected some users as they couldn’t tell the difference between some items in the game and couldn’t tell what some text was saying, so some time after the game was released they provided an update that added colour blind assist and were thanked deeply by its colour blind users. The colour blind assist added consisted of all types of colour blindness to help all.

Sim City: Sim City uses all types of colour blind assist and when they are turned on they change the game completely as the whole game uses a variety of colours so to make the game colour blindness friendly they made it so the game is clear to all with or without colour blindness.

What Elements of These Will I Implement In My Game?

I will implement the use of color blind assist so that anyone will be able to clearly understand my game and won’t have any problems with understanding what is in the game.

3D Modelling Research: Dinosaurs (7) Rex the Dinosaur: Toy Story (1995)

The qualities of Rex is that he is a small toy T-Rex, which is where he got the name Rex. Rex is pretty much green except from his under body where that is creamy colour. Rex has gigantic legs and little arms which is portrayed as normal for a T-Rex. He has a long face that has a cheeky grin on it which adds to cuteness to him. Rex’s textures are to make him look plastic and they succeed in that, as they were to make him plastic they added the seem to make him look more like a toy, you can also see the joints on Rex so this also gives the look that he is a toy. Rex played in the hit animated movie Toy Story made in 1995 by Pixar Studios in LA. Wallace Shawn plays the voice of Rex in the film. The film had an original idea which was losing Steve Jobs around $1 million dollars a year and Disney told them to stop. Pixar ignored Disney then fully restarted the projected and then was published and was the first fully animated film. The intentions of Rex was to make an animated model of a plastic toy. The other intention was to make Rex as friendly as possible so they gave him a high pitch voice and made him lack in intelligence.Toy Story (1) Toy Story