3D Modelling Research: Dinosaurs (7) Rex the Dinosaur: Toy Story (1995)

The qualities of Rex is that he is a small toy T-Rex, which is where he got the name Rex. Rex is pretty much green except from his under body where that is creamy colour. Rex has gigantic legs and little arms which is portrayed as normal for a T-Rex. He has a long face that has a cheeky grin on it which adds to cuteness to him. Rex’s textures are to make him look plastic and they succeed in that, as they were to make him plastic they added the seem to make him look more like a toy, you can also see the joints on Rex so this also gives the look that he is a toy. Rex played in the hit animated movie Toy Story made in 1995 by Pixar Studios in LA. Wallace Shawn plays the voice of Rex in the film. The film had an original idea which was losing Steve Jobs around $1 million dollars a year and Disney told them to stop. Pixar ignored Disney then fully restarted the projected and then was published and was the first fully animated film. The intentions of Rex was to make an animated model of a plastic toy. The other intention was to make Rex as friendly as possible so they gave him a high pitch voice and made him lack in intelligence.Toy Story (1) Toy Story


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