3D Modelling Research: Dinosaurs (4) The Lost World (1925)

The Lost World is a silent fantasy adventure film that was based on a book, written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the popular “Sherlock Holmes” series, which was written in 1912. In the terms of the quality of the film the models looked quite rubbery and like a toy. However, during its time it was considered to be “pioneering stopmotion effects”. The dinosaurs were all made fro clay, as the technology back in 1925 weren’t advanced enough for 3D models on a computer.In terms of context Harry Hoyt, who had directed films such as; Daredevil Jack (1920), The Adorable Deceiver (1926) and The Return of the Boston Blackie (1927). Finally in terms of intentions, this film was created as an adaptation to Doyle’s book but it had unintentionally become the first hit film about dinosaurs and had became one of the first films to be shown on an airplane to the passengers and set a mark for King Kong and Jurassic Park.

The Lost World (1) The Lost World


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