3D Modelling Research: Dinosaurs (2) Land of the Lost (2009)

The dinosaurs used in the land of the lost have been made to a photo realistic standard. The textures that are used are extremely detailed and show small bumps within the skin and then shows the reflections of the skin in the smoother parts. The way the models move is very realistic as the skin will move with it and look the way it should.

The dinosaurs animations are in such a way that it gives the dinosaur there own personality. They have also shown that the animations make the dinosaur move in a realistic way as well as the dinosaurs having there own facial expressions. When the dinosaurs move they can also make small dust clouds depending on what there walking on and this has made the film more realistic and makes the dinosaur seem real.

One of the dinosaurs used in Land of the Lost spends the whole time chasing around the adventurers and always seems to be in an angry mood. Because of that they give the dinosaur a nickname “grumpy”, throughout the film they unfold the dinosaurs personality. To enhance this they use the dinosaurs facial expressions to to understand how the dinosaur is feeling, this helps the audience understand what the dinosaur is thinking. The model of this dinosaur is very realistic, this works extremely well for it being used in a film, but if it was to be used in a game it could cause some problems.

The intention of his dinosaur was to play a rival to the adventurers during the film. The dinosaur was made in such high quality so that it could feature the whole film, and was not used for anything else. As the dinosaur was made to a photo realistic standard they made they animation of the dinosaur realistic as well as they made it move to how it would of moved in real life. As the dinosaur looked real it would create a better viewing for the audience to enjoy.Land of the Lost (1) Land of the Lost


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