3D Modelling Research: Dinosaurs (1) Dinosaur (2000)

In this project we are looking at dinosaurs, and the first example i will be looking at is Dinosaur which was made in 2000 and produced by Disney.

The film dinosaur was produced when computer animations were slowly becoming mainstream so the graphics do not look as good as they do today. The production team took photo realism seriously at did try to make the dinosaurs as photo realistic as they could. The CGI effects are coupled with “realistic world backgrounds to create a photo realistic look” to the film. The crew went around the world to record “dramatic nature backgrounds” for the film, then they put them against the dinosaurs that they made. Disney said that the $100 + million visual effects make this film an instant classic. When the film came out all the dinosaurs looked like what they were meant to look like and the production were happy with the photo realism of the settings and the animations that they made. The film was originally meant to be a ‘stop motion’ film, this idea was originally pitched in 1988 by Paul Verhoeven and Phil Tippett. The film was also meant to be a lot darker and more of a violet look and would end with the Cretaceous-Paleogene extinction event, which would ultimately result in the death of all the characters. The film was also not to feature any voices but Disney said it would be more ‘commercially viable’. Both of these features were changed in the finished production.Dinosaur 2000 (1) Dinosaur 2000


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