The Dinosaur I Have Chosen

The Dinosaur Which I Have Chosen Is A SarcosuchusSarcosuchus

I haven chosen this dinosaur because it is the early version of the crocodiles and that crocodiles are my favourite animals and he Sarcosuchus is also called a super crocodile and i like it because i find crocodiles fascinating and i would like the challenge of making it. I also chose it because the Sarcosuchus, meaning “flesh crocodile”, is a distance relative of crocodile. It is one of the largest crocodillians the world has ever seen. It most likely measured 12 metres (40ft) long, and the head alone was the size of a man. Like most crocodiles, it had a huge biteforce, possibly up to 9 tons, far exceeding any modern-day crocodile, and is one of the most powerful bite forces on Earth. It had 132 huge, conical teeth inside its 6-foot (1.8-meter) long head, and could easily crush bone with its powerful jaws. It had thick, scaly skin like all crocodilians, and also had short legs and a long, powerful tail, perectly designed to swim through water at fast speeds. Sarcosuchus is unique to most crocodilians, because it has a large, broad knob on the tip of its snout called a bulla, possibly to help get a better grib on prey, attract mates, or send out frequency sounds. The Sarcosuchus has featured in a Walking With Dinosaurs Special, The Most Extreme, Super Croc, Planet Dinosaur and Monsters Resurrected. The Sarcosuchus had a its own technique of gaining it prey and that is: what it would do was wait in the murky rivers or lakes that it lived in, and waited until a fish would swim by or a dinosaur would come to drink, and then would jump out, catch its prey by surprise, then bite down and drag the unlucky prey into the water, where it would be drowned quickly after.


Walking with Dinosaurs Sarcosuchus


Planet Dinosaur Sarcosuchus


Sarcosuchus vs Modern Crocodile Skull

Sarcosuchus Vs spinosaur

A Sarcosuchus ambushing a large Spinosaur


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