The Temple of Artemis at Ephesus

395the_temple_of_artemis_by_pervandr-d3gme7zThe Temple of Artemis at Ephesus_thumb[1]The Artemision (Temple of the Artemis) 4temple_ephasis4648876022_ca407d9fc2_zartemis32


1. How would you describe the wonder?

I would describe the wonder as a good looking temple as it has the designs on the roof with some statues, i also like the fact the designs is with animals and that there is a statue of what they believed Artemis looked like and it shows that they really worshiped the Goddess of the Moon and the Hunt.

2.What condition is the wonder in today?

Most of the temple has gone and only a few columns remain with 1 or 2 statues.

3. How would of it looked differently in the past?

The temple would of looked complete in the past with all of its columns and all the statues with all the designs on the roof and there would be a statue of Artemis in the temple itself.

4. Who built the wonder and why?

It was designed by Greek architects Chersiphron, Metagenes and built by workers of the Greek empire. Is was built so that they could worship Artemis.

5. Where and when was the wonder built? How was it destroyed?

The temple was built in Ephesus which is also known now as Turkey. It was built in the middle of the 6th century. The temple was destroyed from looting and from arson attacks.

6. What is your opinion on the original design?

I like the original design with all the columns holding the roof up and the statue of Artemis in the middle and i also like all the designs on the roof of the temple to make it look sacred.


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