The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

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1. How would you describe the wonder?

I would describe this wonder as a beautiful place that would be a chill out zone of today’s world if it wasn’t destroyed.
2. What condition is the wonder in today?

Wonder today i nothing more than just a few rocks a plants.
3. How would it of look differently in the past?

The wonder in the past would have the building in the center and have all the plants and statues around it.
4. Who built the wonder and why?

Nebuchadnezzar II created the wonder. King Nebuchadnezzar II built it for his wife who was homesick.
5. Where and when was the wonder built? How was the wonder destroyed?

Built in Babylon around 605BC. It was destroyed by a earthquake.
6. What is your opinion on the original design?

I like the original design as it shows the love and what the king would do for his wife.


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