The Colossus of Rhodes

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1. How would you describe the wonder?

The wonder is very big and would catch the attention of everyone.
2.What condition is the wonder in today?

The wonder has only got its head remaining from the rest of its body.
3. How would of it looked differently in the past?

The wonder would have its whole body with its head and it would be standing tall.
4. Who built the wonder and why?

Chares of Lindos built the colossus statue. It was built to celebrate freedom.
5. Where and when was the wonder built? How was it destroyed?

Greek island of Rhodes between 292 and 280 BC. It was destroyed by an earthquake.
6. What is your opinion on the original design?

I admire the design of them making a giant statue of the Sun God and that they did him on a island where he will stand out from afar.


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