The Pyramid of Khufu at Giza



1. How would you describe the wonder?

I would describe the wonder as a simple structure but it shows what mankind could build back in the ages without the help of technology or heavy machinery.

2. What condition is the wonder in today?

The condition of the pyramid is poor, as the rock surface has eroded and there are rough edges and parts that are missing, and the gold on top was stolen.

3. How would it of look differently in the past?

The pyramid would have looked sharp and there would be no rough spots and it would look like the drawings and the gold would be on top to give the pyramid a more attracting look.

4. Who built the wonder and why?

Khufu the second ruler of the 4th dynasty had his people build the pyramid because it was to be his tomb when he died.

5. Where and when was the wonder built? How was the wonder destroyed?

It was built in Egypt, Giza. It was built aroundĀ 2560 BC and took 20 years. The pyramid still stands in one piece but is eroded and gold was stolen.

6. What is your opinion on the original design?

I like the original design as it is a basic structure with a lot of sacred rooms inside and with a gold top to give the pyramid a more attractive look and to also look more sacred look aswell.



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