Research: (Games Design)


I intend to find out “What makes a great game?”

These are the things that make a great maze game;

Has a starting screen which shows relative information which can be needed to know for example the instructions.

Has a win and lose screen which shows clearly if you have won and if you have lost and how you lost and how close you were to winning.

Have easy movement controls so there is no difficulty in completing the game.

Have assets which provide you with a time bonus, or when you pick them up they could give you points towards a high score.

Has good textures which is seamless.

A example of a good maze game is; Pac-Man and Bomberman



I also intend to find out “What makes a good non-human main character?”

These are what makes a good non-human main character;

The characters can do things which humans can’t without causing the game to be unrealistic in the sense of the human looking extremely stupid.

You can make the main character look like what you want to suit or to stand out from the game.

You can get the main character to do some extreme things like eat forever without changing shape or jump from high places and not feel a thing.

An example of a good non-human main character is; Pac-man and Super Meat Boy



From my conclusion i will make my Maze Game have easy control ability, so my main character can get around easily. I will have a start screen which shows buttons to start the game, quit the game and to see some instructions on how to play the game, my game will also have a win and a lose screen and they will both clearly show if you have won or if you have lost. My game will also have assets in the game to provide more time and to give a slight speed boost. The character in my game will not be a human so that the character can have non human aspects for example to be driven.


The game i am going to create is a Maze Game with the setting of a cornfield. The maze will be set out as a flattered corn path which will have some dead ends and some multiple turning ends. The character of the maze game is a tractor, this is because if it was a human it would take longer to get around the maze and that a tractor is more life like to be in a cornfield. There 3 assets to my maze game and they are “fuel cans” and these to provide more fuel to the tractor as i am going to make fuel the substitute to the timer, so you will need to collect more fuel if you want to keep going and complete the game. The second asset is a “nitrous bottle” which will provide a boost of getting around quicker so that you can get to the next objective quicker or to the fuel cans. This asset is added in because i wanted to have something a bit different and you wouldn’t normally think that a tractor would have a speed boost. The third asset is a hay bale which is the main objective to the game if you want to complete it. The hay bales will be scattered across the whole maze and there will be a number of them and if you collect them all then you win the game. The basic aim of the game will be to collect all the hay bales before you run out of fuel, with the aid of collecting fuel cans and nitrous bottles to give more fuel and to move faster than normal.


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